Book Of Ra Online Gratis

Player's Guide to Winning Book Of Ra

The Rules of Book of Ra Online Are Easier to Understand Than You May Think


Some online gamblers avoid playing Book of Ra online as they believe it has rules that are too complicated to understand. In fact, the opposite is true as the game is one of the more simple slot games to learn.

Choose your paylines -- The rules of Book of Ra allow you to bet as low as one payline or as many as nine paylines.

When you first start out, you should begin with just one payline as this will allow you to enjoy the game without putting large amounts of money at risk. As you become familiar with the game, you can then pay lines until you reach the maximum nine.

Do be aware though, if you want to be eligible to win what could be a large jackpot, you will need to play all nine paylines every spin.

Decide on the number of credits -- In the rules of Book of Ra, you can bet as low as one credit per spin and as high as 50. The more you bet, of course, the more you stand to lose.

Again, just like the paylines, it is better to start with just a few credits bet per payline and then increase them either as you become familiar with the game or begin to win.

These are the basic rules of Book of Ra. You can also play a risk game if one pops up. The rules of that are, if you win you win both your credits and the dealer's. If you lose, you lose all your credits from your spin, so be sure you want to risk that amount before you play. To learn more Clicca qui.